Monday, April 19, 2010

do u remember?

do u remember?
how we know each other?
we met at the bookshop and say hi at each other...
do u remember?
how we met again after that?
u saw me and add me.
do u remember?
how we become friends?
we keep texting, calling each other..everyday, everynight..
do u remember?
how we become close?
we keep telling each other everything..
about our family, our friends, our life..
do u remember?
how we become apart?
u moved to other place..further away from me.
do u remember?
how we become lost contact?
we become so busy with our life,
dont texting, calling each other again..
do u remember?
how many text i keep sending to u,
but u never reply?
only then i realised,
u no longer remember..
about me,
about how we met each other,
about how we know each other,
about our love,
about us...
p/s:hahaha..[smiling but yet, still crying~] T_T


nabilazhar said...

alalallala cedihnye.....jgn cedih2 ye wani.....sape owgnye???meh aku nk babab owg tu.....kih3

nurul lalala said...

xyah nak babab2..kasi POTONG je!!!

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