Thursday, April 8, 2010

for u

There was a youth,
whom I haved loved so long,
that when I loved him,
I cannot say anything...
With the green mountains,
the blue sky,
and many songs that we had sung,
just like little birds in May...
When we began to tire of childish play,
we seemed still more and more to prize each other...
We talked of marriage and our marriage day,
and I honestly did love you like nothing else,
like never could I hope to meet with such another,
and you said the same thing to me too...
But then,
everything has changed..
You no longer sing the song that I sang,
Walk the same step that I took,
Eat the same food that I ate...
You remain in the silence...
Leaving me behind and wondering,
what did I done since all of this happen to me..
Now I know everything,
I've knew why all of this happened.
It just because,
You already got someone...
Someone who didnt sing my song,
Someone who didnt walk my path,
Someone who didnt eat my food...
And I think I'm gonna agree with you,
You need fresh air,
You need something new,
and I'm gonna let you go,
cause I love so much that I couldnt hate you,
no matter what you done to me...
*to be continue...
p/s: I love you~

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