Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lirik sentap

OST Rooftop Prince: HURT by Ali

Because the reason I live is you,

With my heart, I hope the remaining,

flickering memories will be sent to you

At the end of this road I walk on,

At this road that was allowed to me,

I, who used to love and love you more,

Remain here alone

My love has all burned up and

the only thing remaining

Are the exhausted scars from waiting

I cannot forget a person like you

Only tears fall

When my love has all washed away

Only the longing scars remain

Only the words, “good bye” remain

So I cannot forget you

Following the flower petals

that yield to the sky

When I meet you,

I can tell you now that I longed for you

I long for you so I couldn’t forget you

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